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Cafe & Restaurant

La Paranda

Project Name : La Paranda Restaurant

Building Function : Restaurant

Location : Waingapu, Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Scope Of Work : Architecture & Interior Design

Project Year : 2020

Project Status : Completed

Completion Year : 2021

Architect : Ricky Putra, Andesita Oki, Aliya Hudiyanita

As the tourism grows in the area, the demand for F&B facilities is growing, La Paranda is trying to bring new ambiance in restaurant business in Sumba. As located in the tropic area with rich local culture, we design La Paranda using the concept of tropical architecture. Sumba, its natural beauty providing a lot of inspiration and our goals is to create a building that can blend in with the nature.

The site itself is located in a housing area, it means that the area is quite. The site is sloping up to the back. The slope gives us an opportunity to play with levels. The design concept is to divide the site into 3 different zone, and each zone are in different levels. Front area as an entrance, mid area as the open terrace as well as the transition area, and the back as the semi-open air dining.

The front area is work as an entrance and guest parking. Then the open terrace, a transition area, are connecting the front to the main dining area. The open space is Inspired by the Sumba traditional house, which has a communal space in in front of the house. Besides used as a transition space, the open terrace also used for a casual dining space with an open air and a covered sitting area so guest can enjoy the view.

The main dining area is located at the back of the site, at the highest level of the site. The concept of the main dining area is semi-open air with no walls surround. This create the ambiance of blending with the nature and surrounding as well as giving nice natural air circulations.

Most of the material are using the local materials. As well as for the interior. The furniture is using woods with combination of Sumba’s traditional tenun (fabrics). An used boat we got from the local fisherman also used as a long dining table as one of the interesting object. There are also an area with a garden concept, the flooring is using coral stone with garden as the background.

An open section at the roof are made into details to accommodate an existing trees and to give more natural lights into the building. The shape is inspired by the iconic Sumba’s traditional house’s roof.

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