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Cafe & Restaurant

Monsieur Spoon Ubud

Project Name : Monsieur Spoon Ubud

Building Function : Bakery / Restaurant

Location : Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Scope Of Work : Architecture & Interior Design

Project Year : 2015

Project Status : Completed

Completion Year : 2016

Architect : Ricky Putra, Malaeva Erika

The first idea for the concept for this project is actually coming from the owner, an artisan baker whom likes to highlights ‘artisan’ into the design. To get the natural and tropical concept, we use exposed cement texture as the main material then combine it with woods. We minimalize the use of fabricated materials, to maintain the ‘artisan’ concept.

Divided into three areas, Monsieur Spoon Ubud offers three different ambiance for its space. First is at the front terrace, using a patio concept, semi-outdoor sitting area overlooking the main road. Second is inside, used as food display areas, dining area, and as well as a main kitchen. The third is located at the back, used as open outdoor dining with a garden as the surrounding.

From the name of Monsieur Spoon, we took the ‘spoon’ identity as decorative ideas. We applied as the wall decorations using teakwood with variant sizes and gradient color.

Besides that, we use teakwood spoon as the ceiling decoration as well. We created a modular template and arrange it randomly. The spoon idea also used as door and window handles.

As for the facade, we want to include tropical features into the design by using pergola and vines that also covered with bamboo and concrete column covered with wood. This vines become an unique identity from front view.

The back area used as open outdoor dining with a garden as the surrounding. This area is a favorite space that can be used for baking class for children at some time. The restaurant’s inner courtyard is covered with a canopy vines to reduce the heat during the day, to give comfort for the guest and let them blend with nature in Ubud. We keep the floor using the soil covered with grass, and some decorated pathway using natural stone.

A modular wood decoration used to hide the toilet entrance and makes it an unique partition. We arrange it randomly to create an artistic shadow when exposed by the light during the day. During night time, the lighting are added to give more warm ambiance.

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